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Woohoo! It's Walletpalooza time!

Everything is Energy—

Body is Energy

Mind is Energy

Spirit is Energy

and yes,

Money/Currency is Energy

Join us in expanding our wallets while optimizing time and energy. Wow!

~Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante and Compassionate Comedienne


Welcome to Walletpalooza!

I invite you to breathe, tap, and laugh with me at the online Walletpalooza Playshop series, beginning with this one. Let's move into vibrancy and prosperity together!

DATE:    Saturday, March 13, 2021

TIME:    10:00 - 12:00 PST (check your timezone)

WHERE:  Zoom link (will be emailed to you 3/12/21)

Access your golden ticket in the "Register Here" section.

 Join me in my mission to be robust —physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. YAY!  Vibrancy and prosperity go hand in hand.

Possibilities are limitless when we practice, practice, practice receiving and offering money, kindness, companionship, and other life-enriching opportunities. You can try this alone, or you can enjoy doing it with us.

  • Picture yourself having fun (and even laughing) as you develop new habits of receiving and giving in a Zoom room full of amazing people
  • Explore physical movements that can help you truly feel "limitless possibilities" are within reach. Prosperity is for other people AND YOU, too.
  • Acquire tools for managing your precious energy for peak performance. Time is on your side!
  • Discover why this works: "Sustainable income requires sustainable visibility, and sustainable visibility requires sustainable vitality/health" Wow!
  • Find a Vibrant Prosperity Partner (VPP) so you may support one other in preparing for taxes, implementing projects, and more
  • Create new neuropathways that transform what is awful into something awesome! Shine light and hope upon every challenging situation!
  • Learn how to organize and prioritize all your great ideas and passions in the Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry for your personal life and potentially for organizational development and business planning.
  • Boost your ability to laugh and heal each day; Spiritual Vaccine ingredients rock!  🙂
  • F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom throughout your mornings, afternoons, and nights while serving your family, patients, clients/ customers and communities. Be the role model you admire and help others to claim their seat as leaders, as well!

Would you like to handle more abundance with grace and ease? You can! Together, we practice, practice, practice receiving and offering money, kindness, companionship, and other life-enriching opportunities.

Feel free to bring your talents and experience to the table. Yes, this is an invitation for you to offer your creative products and services to others in our community. (Not a requirement, just optional).

After this playshop, feel free to stay and have lunch with me. Make new friends and find Vibrancy and Prosperity Partners (VPP) to stay in touch with in between Walletpalooza Playshops. Momentum rocks!

Welcome to my world—OUR world!

Ilana Kristeva, MPA

Self-Care Vigilante, Pro EFT Practitioner, Compassionate Comedienne

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Thank you for joining me and other vibrant, prosperous people! After purchasing your ticket, you will receive email updates on what to bring to the playshop and where to go (Zoom link).

Do you know of anyone who might want a new outlook on self-care and wallet care? Send them this link so they can be a part of this higher vibrational frequency gathering of joy, compassion, love, and laughter. I appreciate your service to our community. 🙂


Ilana Speaks on the Connection Between F.L.O.W. and Walletpalooza

You can F.L.O.W.—Feel Light Offering Wisdom as you prepare for this amazing Walletpalooza Playshop. Find out how in this video.


“Authentically engaged in her passions, Ilana Kristeva effectively shares her great zest for life in service to communities. She is a generous, thoughtful and natural leader.” —Jackie Shea, Podcast Host of Healing Out Loud.

"Ilana is on the same page as conscious human evolution. She lights a spark, igniting higher consciousness in our daily lives at a time when the world is in need of enlightenment."  —Scott Ford, Co-Founder of the Evolutionary Sports Collective and author of Integral Consciousness and Sport.

"I really love Instant Gratitude! Ilana, your daily expressions have energized me and elevated my vibrational rate exponentially. Thank you for sharing your vulnerable yet fun, playful self!" —Wayne Pakulis, Hospice Massage Therapist

“Ilana’s passion for life and amazing energy really shine. I think that her candor, warmth, and tenacity will inspire others who have struggled with their health to move forward with hope and optimism. With tremendous determination to prevail, she overcame multiple layers of trauma to reclaim her life. Her willingness to be vulnerable by sharing her story, just to help others, is truly a gift to the world.” —Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Founder of the Pro EFT Institute

Feel Vibrant During Challenging Times

Connect with Ilana's Sedona SuperTeam. We are mastering our ability to play while caring for human body and Earth body together!

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