Spiritual Vaccine Workshop Series – 2020 Recordings

Join Ilana Kristeva—Self-Care Vigilante and Master Storyteller—for breathing, stretching, tapping, and laughing in her Spiritual Vaccine Workshop Series. Partner with your “inner rebel” to cultivate flowing, playful energy. Feel vibrant in mind, body, spirit, and wallet!

Create a Spiritual Vaccine that works for you

Build a friendship with Time that helps you feel safe and secure despite uncertainty, especially now

Discover the significance of your presence on Mother Earth at this moment in history

Cultivate joy bubbles instantaneously while breathing, stretching, tapping, and laughing

Dissolve self-sabotage and feel vibrant in your body for peak performance

Special Access to 3 Videos: Spiritual Vaccine Workshop Series – 2020 Recordings

Be a service provider whom people find comforting, entertaining, and memorable. What a gift for yourself and for those you love and serve!

  • Laugh, play, and heal without guilt
  • Transform anything awful into something awesome right this moment
  • Live each day unapologetically as a thriving role model

“I feel so refreshed and ready to move on with my day!”

“You are beautifully spontaneous and playful and real…resulting in my being fully engaged and interested in wanting to learn what you are teaching.” 

“I am going to do your Lotus Flower Blossom Breaths every day, Ilana. Thank you!”

Thanks, Ilana, for indeed ‘wearing’ your playful spirit! I love the dragonfly and your skill with it….”

“I’m so glad we did this together during the workshop. I took my wallet out and discovered a gift card I forgot I had! It feels so good to have cleaned out my wallet and reorganized it. Now, I’m going to take good care of my body wallet, social wallet, mental wallet—everything!”

“I can’t wait to be back for the next workshop. And I must have one of your Spiritual Vaccine t-shirts!!!”

“Authentically engaged in her passions, Ilana Kristeva effectively shares her great zest for life in service to communities. She is a generous, thoughtful and natural leader.”

“Ilana projects a calm presence that comes from a place of wisdom and healing.”

“Ilana is on the same page as conscious human evolution. She lights a spark, igniting higher consciousness in our daily lives at a time when the world is in need of enlightenment.”

Special Access to 3 Videos: Spiritual Vaccine Workshop Series – 2020 Recordings

Boosting playful energy and sleeping productively helps us serve from a place of plenty!
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