Spiritual Vaccine with the Sedona SuperTeam:

Mastering Our Ability to Play


"Being playful causes healing. Play is a necessary ingredient."  —Rose Winters, CEO of The Foundation for Living Medicine

My name is Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante and Founder of Field of Choices, where leaders and coaches Play Well, Sleep Well, to Serve Well. And I am the creator of the podcast Instant Gratitude Now—Broadcasting Vibrancy Everywhere!

This period in human history is an extraordinary opportunity for us to master our ability to play. Together, we are cultivating Spiritual Vaccine for the healing of our human body and Mother Earth's body. One consciousness.

Yes, it is easy to play and be healthy during "good times," and it is even more awesome to play and be healthy through rough times.

I mastered the ability to play while I was...

  • bedridden, on a wheelchair or walker, using crutches and two canes during my late 30's and 40's
  • managing chronic pain and severe depression
  • facing financial loss and uncertainty
  • caring for ill, injured, or learning disabled persons
  • quarantined while losing family members and friends

Yes, I could have given up many times, and the Universe carried me to safety by bringing me endless wonderful resources, like members of my highly-gifted Sedona SuperTeam. We are explorers...

  • curious
  • adventurous
  • hopeful
  • persistent
  • thoughtful (and gregarious when we need to be)
  • courageous
  • innovative
  • adaptive
  • connected to the invisible world

We are believers in a brighter future.

We are the Sedona SuperTeam, a conscious voice and human conduit of flowing energy between the heavens and Mother Earth. Join us in playing through the pandemic.

We are not waiting for external circumstances to change—the virus to die, scientists to create a vaccine that works safely, government to give orders, the economy to prosper, or the sun to rise and set.

Question: How can you get from where you are now to where you wish to be?

Answer: By playing through the pandemic.

Think of many ways you can bring playful energy into challenging tasks:

  1. Transform something you perceive as awful into something awesome—Instant Gratitude Now;
  2. Boost your joy bubbles now;
  3. Employ your inner genius now;
  4. Cultivate higher vibrational frequencies now;
  5. Connect with guardian angels now;
  6. Celebrate your presence on this planet now;
  7. Be the best human conduit of energy between all that is above and Mother Earth now;
  8. Activate your Spiritual Vaccine now by mastering your ability to play. Honor your playful self and carry your joy bubbles into all you do!

Register to participate in the Spiritual Vaccine Summit with the Sedona SuperTeam. Together, we are elevating our human body/earth body consciousness as we bring Light into the new world!

You may find yourself...

• Enjoying practicing self-care tips, techniques, and strategies from teachers who truly are kids at heart

• Feeling in your body higher vibrational frequencies of joy, compassion, love, and laughter

• Moving your body, in the privacy of your own home, as you follow deep breathing, tapping, stretching demonstrations

• Communicate with your body more effectively, especially your internal organs, using techniques to ask them what they need—hydration, movement, nutrients, positive thoughts, and more

• Creating opportunities to feel healthier, stronger, more robust, re-energized, and most importantly, more hopeful about being able to offer your natural gifts and talents to the world

• Cultivating playful energy within your body first thing in the morning so you may prepare for the day and work and serve with ease

• Dissolving poverty thinking (scarcity consciousness or “not enough-ism”) to make room for prosperity consciousness as you do have more options than you think

• Welcoming more opportunities to be positively visible to be of greater service to yourself, your family, and your communities

• Laughing deeply, frequently, and freely when you are alone and around other people

• Allowing your true passions to emerge from within!



Spiritual Vaccine Summit with the Sedona SuperTeam

WHEN: Saturday, October 17-21, 2020 (or a slightly later date TBD)

TIME: Click here to see the schedule of both "live" broadcasts and pre-recorded "playshops" during this five-day summit

REGISTER: [Insert link here for opt-in fields requiring name, contact info, payment, etc.]


Thank you for investing in yourself and contributing to public health, safety, and harmony. Your joy bubbles elevate us all!



Ilana Kristeva

Self-Care Vigilante



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