“Let’s Broadcast Vibrancy Everywhere!”

—Ilana Kristeva

Thank You and Welcome to the
Compassionate Leadership in the 21st Century Podcast Series*

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The voice of one is powerful

The voice of many is spectacular

Your voice, with ours, is galactic!

We are together, right here and now, to embrace humanity as it is so we may move forward, outward, and upward with new expressions of love the Universe has never before seen.

Grief is not like a cold that goes away. I offer you a glimpse into my world, the world of 13 women in Joan Marie’s Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry and how we have chosen to face sadness, disillusionment, illness, and the Coronavirus pandemic to be here with you, today. Get ready to take deep breaths, rehydrate, and practice self-care alongside us so that you, too, can serve from a place of plenty!

Activism through the Arts. Join us in healing and blossoming despite chaos. Create a future that feels amazing because we are already living in it now. Breathe deeply and thrive in a world in which walls dissipate and pure love, like water, flows wherever it is needed. Together, we are broadcasting vibrancy everywhere!

Ilana Kristeva Interviews Laura Hansen

Published on August 3, 2021 

Meet Laura Hansen. Be inspired by her warrior spirit and the practices that not only ELEVATE her quality of life but also EXPAND her capacity to give voice to the unheard, unseen, and underserved. Join her in cultivating peace WITHIN oneself to create peace BETWEEN one another. Take deep breaths, rehydrate, and design a compassionate world of systemic equality and justice with Laura!

*The Sacramento General Congress of Women (SGCW)—13 women community leaders and activists—brought together by the late and beloved Joan Marie, convene in honor of the 150th anniversary of Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation. Written in 1850, this proclamation is a call to action for current women of all intersections of identity to rise and lead the healing around the world from war and violence to peace and healthy compassionate community-building. 

Julia Ward Howe wrote clearly and passionately that for us to discuss the greater needs of peace, we must first come together to hear each other’s voices and grieve over all that has been lost. On this foundation of compassion, understanding and courage we can build an equitable world where peace and justice prevail.  

Therefore, the SGCW first action, hosted by Compassionate Sacramento will present a three-month exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum, titled “Activism through the Arts.” Taking place August 5 through October 31, the exhibit will feature works from capital region and California artists of all identities in the themes of Social Justice, Empowerment/Self-Agency, Health/Well-being, and Environment. During the three-month art exhibit, members of the SGCW will also offer a calendar of virtual educational and performing arts events for the community that will inspire, educate, connect, and activate in the name of compassion, healing, and peace.

To access this wonderful calendar, go to https://chillsacramento.org/sgcw/

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