“Let’s Broadcast Vibrancy Everywhere!”

—Ilana Kristeva

Joan Marie Special Viewing

The voice of one is powerful

The voice of many is spectacular

Your voice, with ours, is galactic!

We are together, right here and now, to embrace humanity as it is so we may move forward, outward, and upward with new expressions of love the Universe has never before seen.

Grief is not like a cold that goes away. I offer you a glimpse into my world, the world of 13 women in Joan Marie’s Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry and how we have chosen to face sadness, disillusionment, illness, and the Coronavirus pandemic to be here with you, today. Get ready to take deep breaths, rehydrate, and practice self-care alongside us so that you, too, can serve from a place of plenty!

Activism through the Arts. Join us in healing and blossoming despite chaos. Create a future that feels amazing because we are already living in it now. Breathe deeply and thrive in a world in which walls dissipate and pure love, like water, flows wherever it is needed. Together, we are broadcasting vibrancy everywhere!

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Feel Vibrant During Challenging Times

Connect with Ilana’s Sedona SuperTeam. We are mastering our ability to play while caring for human body and Earth body together!


Boosting playful energy and sleeping productively helps us serve from a place of plenty!
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