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Ilana Kristeva with Joan Marie

Sedona SuperTeam Series, Episode 1: "Nature is Our Nature" (April 2, 2020)

💖 Ilana Kristeva and Joan Marie Share on Enjoying Peace Within Ourselves and on This Planet 💖 (VIDEO at bottom of this page)

My Vibrant Tribe, you know how truly determined I am to turn my life of illness and trauma into something triumphant so that I may offer comfort and laughter to those living with chronic pain, addiction, or other life-altering challenges. Of course, I do NOT do this alone. I collaborate with my Creator, Great Spirit, the Universe, or Source—God. And I partner with sisters and brothers around the globe. Together, we co-create slices of heaven on planet Earth wherever we are, including Sedona, Arizona.


Thank you for allowing me to introduce to you a vibrant woman whom I feel free to laugh and to speak with heart-to-heart: Joan Marie. A member of my Sedona SuperTeam, Joan participated in my "Play and Co-Create Retreat, Sedona 2019" and led a partner yoga work/playshop on Cathedral Rock, the mother vortex of feminine energy. Still, she is answering the call of Sedona, by joining us, again, as a work/playshop leader later this year at my "Power of Play Retreat, Sedona 2020." Together, we hike, hula hoop, and help ourselves while helping others for this planet and all humanity.


Enjoy watching the lively discussion I had with Joan this past Thursday as we shared on:
  • Human Nature and Mother Nature—Nature is Our Nature
  • Compassion for Self and Others
  • Communing with Spirit and Building Trust Within
  • Ilana's "Play and Co-Create Retreat - Sedona 2019" and "Power of Play Retreat - Sedona 2020"
  • Peace Pole Project (Acupuncture Needles for Our Planet)
  • Healing Ourselves while Healing Mother Earth
  • Compassion Central: Education Through Celebration
  • and much, much more!
During our interview, I closed my eyes and listened to Joan's voice and laughter. What comfort and connection I experienced getting to know at a deeper level a world that feels safe, no matter what—Corona Virus or no Corona Virus. I found her commitment to communing with Mother Earth mesmerizing and her limitless capacity to express compassion for self and humankind truly astounding. Give yourself the gift of getting to know Joan and spending time with us, my Vibrant Tribe. (VIDEO below)


“It is a basic human right to rest in peace while alive.” — Joan Marie
Joan Marie is an Artist, Conscious Touch Educator and owner of Compassion Central, An Educational Sanctuary for Peace in Carmichael. She is the co-founder of Compassionate Capital Region, an Ambassador of Compassionate Sacramento, and on the Compassionate Arts Council. Part of the Charter for Compassion Women and Girls and steward of the Red Tent in the Sacramento area, she helped create the V2020 webinar series.
She produced the local Day of Peace events from 2011-2015 and worked with Shift Network with InterDependence Day and Vision 2020 - 2017-2019. A Conscious Touch Educator and VP of Healing Hands Healing Hearts, Joan founded their Alfred J. Goularte Veterans Care Program in honor of her father, working with veterans dealing with PTSD, anxiety and chronic pain.
Joan expresses her inner world journey through her multi-sensory/multi-media art and believes in the healing power of art and using it to inform deeper spiritual meaning.


My Vibrant Tribe, let's M.O.V.E. to F.L.O.W. T.H.R.I.V.E.! Together, we play whole-heartedly to empower ourselves to feel safe in our bodies and on this planet. Cultivate powerful, playful, vibrant energy for your prosperous adventures while sheltering in place and staying safe, not only for yourself but also for the world, right here and now.

Visit Joan Marie at https://compassioncentral.us/

💜 Remember to receive your free gift from Joan by emailing her at CompassionCentral@gmail.com 💜

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