“Let’s Broadcast Vibrancy Everywhere!”

—Ilana Kristeva

Tapping Into Higher Dimensions

Hosted by Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante

Vibrations within the human body are significant

Vibrations from Great Spirit, Universe, God are powerful

Your vibrations, with ours and Universe, are galactic!

Right here and now, let’s embrace humanity as it is so that we may move forward, outward, and upward with a quality of flow, love, and kindness that all creatures on Mother Earth have never before seen. We can do this!

Grief is not like a cold that goes away. Community support is vital. I offer you a glimpse into my world with these leaders by my side—members of the Vibrant Tribe whom I have been blessed to know and wish to introduce to you here. These are people who have accepted the reality of the global Coronavirus pandemic and made the decision to defy the odds. 

Join us now so that you, too, can feel fantastic in your Zone of Genius while serving your family and communities from a place of plenty.

Create a future that feels amazing because we are already living in it now. Breathe deeply and thrive in a world in which walls dissipate and pure love, like water, flows wherever it is needed. Together, we are broadcasting vibrancy everywhere!

Excerpt From Ilana Kristeva Interview With Scott Ford

Published on February 5, 2022


My Vibrant family, you can shine alongside sunlight when you grant yourself permission to live from your heart and play! I am proud to introduce to you USPTA Elite Pro Tennis Coach Scott Ford, a member of our Vibrant Tribe, a Founding Member of EVO*, and a mentor whom I totally enjoy being a kid with even during tough times.

Relax, enjoy, and celebrate a connection between your body and higher dimensions as you watch, listen, or meditate. This is a long podcast, but Scott and I decided not to cut out anything. You get to witness how we chat, Vulcan mind-meld, and co-create organically during this interview that became a collaborative conversation.

I love Scott’s passion for teaching athletes how to get in the Zone on purpose. As a performance specialist, clinician and author with decades of experience as a player and coach, he believes that sports can be transformative when athletes start playing “in the Zone.” And I completely agree!

*Scott Ford is a Founding Member of the Evolutionary Sports Collective and teaches peak performance at Rocky Mountain Tennis Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Excerpt From Ilana Kristeva Interview With Andrew Deutsch

Colleague and member of the Vibrant Tribe, Coach Andrew Deutsch. Even though Mama never met him in person, she sensed and told me, “He is a good man.”

Of course, I knew that. Duh. LOL Andrew has many qualities of a good teacher and leader as well. Honesty: yes. Intelligence: yes. Knowledgeable, experienced, resourceful: Yes, Yes, Yes. Integrity. Yes. Courage. Yes. Patience. Double Yes.

Plus, when I tested him at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, Andrew passed with flying colors. Arriving at Pier 39, we suddenly stopped our conversation and joined in on the cacophony of barking sea lions on the rocks.

“Ark, ark! Ark, ark!” we joined in, and after listening to them, we barked some more, responding to a variety of sea lions, of course. We do not discriminate.

So, now you know. Andrew listens intently and connects with any creature that has something to say. And that is true not only with sea lions but also with people he coaches.

That is why his book, Build Yourself Up Without Limits, is an incredibly insightful book—filled with verbal exercises for retraining the brain without straining the brain. (Ooh, I should trademark that phrase! OK. Note to Self.) Emotional balance: Yes! Adapting to change: Yes! Stress reduction: Yes!

And for focus-challenged people, like me, the layout of the pages offers a nice variety in design (yay) and has big print. Double yay!

My Vibrant family, for all the above reasons, I just had to interview Coach Andrew Deutsch so you can see for yourself. We are breaking through ‘family of origin’ issues and building self-confidence together!

Excerpt From Ilana Kristeva Interview With Annika Rosendahl

Today, I am sharing with you Annika’s amazing gratitude tribute to her mother entitled, Thank You, Mum: A book for those who miss someone. Yes, Annika gifted me a Kindle copy, but I happily purchased the paperback that still sits right beside my bed. 🙂

Like Mama, Annika’s mother faced many difficulties which Annika then inherited. As you watch the video of our chat that became a podcast interview, learn how Annika continuously transformed something awful into something awesome (Spiritual Vaccine Ingredient #1: Instant Gratitude Now) in many areas of her life. Yay!

Through this podcast, may you see your loved ones through new lenses and gain appreciation for yourself. What had happened before has brought you to this moment in which you can respond with your healing and growth mindset. Make your pain worthwhile. Annika has.

It is my pleasure to present to you Timefinder Coach Annika Rosendahl, a member of our Vibrant Tribe, Founder of Timefinder Academy, and a colleague whom I deeply admire. When I leave planet Earth, I will do so knowing that my work and our world are in Annika’s good hands and heart.

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