“Let’s Broadcast Vibrancy Everywhere!”

—Ilana Kristeva

Ilana’s Gratitude Party

Hosted by Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante

Let’s offer hope and celebration, shall we? Join me in defying the odds and adopting new perspectives that can help us blaze awesome trails!

“Grieving with Gratitude and Grace” has been my personal mantra all year long for three years now. Since my mother passed away in April of 2020, I have lost over 24 family members, neighbors, friends, colleagues, and more.

At first, I thought all of this was happening TO me. Then I realized that I have loved so many people, and now they are a part of my band of merry angels protecting me and guiding me forward on planet Earth.

YOU are still here with me now, and I want to celebrate all of us!

We are having this party to lift our spirits before moving into the New Year AND to offer hope to others using OUR POWER to express gratitude from a higher level of consciousness.

Come to my party on Zoom to see, hear, and share inspiring stories of overcoming tough situations. How has your attitude of gratitude and prosperity consciousness pulled you through challenging times?

Many have lost loved ones and could use all the hope, compassion, and love they can find. Feel free to invite them to this party so they can be in a room filled with joy because of many gifts of desperation. I will be making a special announcement about my life that may benefit anyone wishing for better bone/joint health and wallet wellness.

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