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Caring for the well-being of your mind, body, spirit, and wallet with an attitude of gratitude enhances your quality of life and that of others around you. Prosperous self-care is vital to public health, safety, and harmony!

Moment by moment, embrace what works well for you and let go of what holds you back. This is practical spirituality. We make it fun. You can, too!

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  • Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante: Tap Into the Universe for Recovery (PDF or Kindle/mobi format)
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  • “Self-Care Vigilante Affirmations™ Mini Poster” Audio Recording, an excerpt from the audiobook Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, Appendix C, narrated by Ilana Kristeva and © 2018 Ilana Kristeva (MP3 format)

In a bold and lively style, Ilana Kristeva takes readers on her journey from “groaning to glowing,” as she surrenders old habits and embraces wisdom of the Universe to overcome chronic pain, addiction, and other serious health conditions.

Relax and enjoy a unique opportunity to experience life through the eyes of this Self-Care Vigilante. Learn ways in which you, too, can feel fantastic in your body by learning Ilana’s: 

  • 7 Key Ingredients to Vibrancy
  • 26 Self-Care Vigilante Affirmations
  • Mindfulness Meditation and Tapping Exercise
Be prepared to laugh through darkness with Ilana and emerge into vibrancy!

Yes, prosperous self-care ROCKS! Ilana Kristeva

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Boosting playful energy and sleeping productively will help me serve from a place of plenty. Yes, joining Ilana's Vibrant Tribe of leaders and coaches sounds fun!

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