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Welcome to Instant Gratitude Now!

I am on a mission to be emotionally robust. Retraining my brain to see what's positive in every situation, I take personal responsibility for healing my nervous systems by transforming something I perceive as awful into something awesome. And I LOVE to laugh!

This is how I reach my peak performance levels at any given moment, one day at a time. Here is my reality. Everywhere I look, there's always something that disturbs me—if I let it. But  Where there is darkness, there is light. Where there is tragedy, triumph is around the corner. And I believe that prosperity is everywhere and can diminish scarcity when we are open to it. In short, I choose to fall in love with life no matter what. Welcome to my world and thank you for joining me!

~ ilana kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante


“Ilana’s passion for life and amazing energy really shine. I think that her candor, warmth, and tenacity will inspire others who have struggled with their health to move forward with hope and optimism. With tremendous determination to prevail, she overcame multiple layers of trauma to reclaim her life. Her willingness to be vulnerable by sharing her story, just to help others, is truly a gift to the world.”

—Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Founder of the Pro EFT Institute

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